Three emails

Below I will first quote three printed emails that I found in the personal Folders and the Proceedings and discuss the elements I find interesting about them regarding the design of presence. In the Reflections I will elaborate on the context in which the 0+Network was conceived to understand its success. This will shed more light on thinking and going about the design of presence when designing networks in which substantial meaning is meant to be generated.

"Message to Rop, Gert & Rolf
Received: 23 Jun 90 09:01:10 GMT
I was dead sick yesterday so I just lay around like a rag doll not dreaming about computers that much, let alone use one. Today there's some sunshine in the room thank god and it makes me want to go out. So I'll just log on for a while! New York's a bit of a downerÉno hellos from my lover there, but I'll hear from him later. As for the rest, it all seems to be coming together well. I've been getting greetings from everyone and there's so much information on the network that a weekend is just too short. Something's going to have to be done about that. Anyway, let me know if anything's going on on that front. Because this network is much too good, informative and important just to be used on special days..
And finally thanks very much for all of your efforts. It's working faultlessly here.
P.S. Will someone translate this for Rolf. (The one on the phone with the lovely voice)"
(Personal Folder Fold and Follow up, 1990)

From: (Hans Bronkhorst at AMC Hospital Amsterdam)
News groups: hiv.seropos-ball
Subject: New messages
Date: 23 Jun 90 12:10:56 GMT
Followup-To: hiv.seropos-ball
Distribution: hiv\Organization: Seropositive NetworkLines: 7
Here in the AMC we are very happy with this
sero+ net. A lot of valuable information and
also touching messages. We are wondering now
whether we are not receiving messages anymore,
we haven't seen new messages for the last two
hours. Thanks for all the greetings"
(Proceedings 0+Ball, 1990)

From: (Hans at Slotervaart Hospital)
Newsgroups: hiv.seropos-ball
Subject: message from Slotervaart Hospital
Message-ID: <>
Date: 23 Jun 90 15:16:30 GMT
Followup-To: hiv.seropos-ball
Distribution: hiv
Organization: Seropositive Network
Lines: 15
Here in the Slotervaart hospital (ward 9c)
There is a small aids ward. Presently there are four
patients being taken care of. Unfortunately they are
too ill to be able to participate in the Sero+net
activities. The staff is too busy with their daily
activities and therefore also unable to take part
in the ongoing conversations, but they are very
interested in the Ball. They admire the wonderful
art gallery and value the information in the stack
and the news. And they would like to hear from you
in Paradiso about the events. Tonight the night-
shift will certainly have time to take notice of
your messages and will pass them on to patients
and staff here."
(Proceedings 0+Ball, 1990)