Networks are not viable

The complexity paradigm of self-organization, complexity, co-evolution, adaptation, all words that come out of Santa Fee, has been the dominant paradigm for the last decades and Narayanan wants to juxtapose this to create a better understanding of knowledge systems and then maybe answer the question about social engineering.

When watching the media, Narayanan finds it also a great cause of concern. On the one hand it is all open, participatory, everybody’s values are going out, but sometimes things can go very wrong. Mass hysteria is a very bad thing. There are real questions to be asked about it. The complexity of networks is unviable and this should be in the focus of attention. In the coming years Geetha Narayanan wants to focus on simpler networks and more meaningful networks, in smaller area’s and at smaller scale, taking more time to do things, to be able to answer some of the real and substantive questions we have discussed in the here presented interview.