Vanishing in a third point

When looking at systems, engagement brings the act of witnessing to another level, Hazra continues. The act of engagement is a process to be aware and to externalize your self, to create a third point and watch yourself watching. So what is it to be self-reflexive? How do you witness yourself witnessing?

And is that the central argument of consciousness? One could say the algorithmic reality is a response to the witnessing act we were missing, Hazra thinks out loud. We try to extract a vantage point, which will then give a pattern, which is not visible to you when you are inside the system as a ‘participant-witnesser’. Only when you try to extract your self outside the system, and at a third witness position at a different level of reality and watching the system and the participants in the system witnessing each other, only then will these larger structure of data and patterns emerge. When discussing these issues it is interesting to Hazra how many of the crucial aspects of thought, language, consciousness, awareness of the world, keep on coming back. Our entire relation with truth has changed, he concludes.