It is a product and a process

The fact that I called this section trustworthiness instead of just trust implies an interaction. Trust is not a given, it is something that evolves out of an interaction. In this interaction, which always consists of a series of interactive moments, trust has to be established again and again. This happens in natural presence and in mediated presence. Receiving the anticipated feedback, recognizing the style and language of communication and other people/organizations who witness the interaction, can ameliorate this sense of trust or diminish it. Trust is not only a product; it is a side effect of a process that has the capacity to build and to diminish in time. Trust is both a product and a process that emerges out of interaction. A distinction can be made between the trust people have that technology will work and being able to control how the technology will work. Mediated and natural presence affect the building up and the diminishing of trust in several ways.