Place in no place

One of the major advantages computers give us is the lack of having to be in one place. And especially with the access to the Internet, one can be pretty much anywhere in the world and still interact by way of computer.

It is one of the joys of computers to have this lack of place, which defines what you will do based on where you are, Quillinan finds.
Normally when you are interacting with computers you are using a keyboard and you are looking at a screen and this configuration defines what sort of inputs and outputs you can receive. People, who are designing these systems, utilize this habitual knowledge to design place in computers and how computers talk to you. But in a kind of a wider aspect, how one feels when using computers, depends on the place you are physically in. If you’re sitting at a beach typing on your laptop Quillinan imagines “people to feel much happier because they are in a happier place. Where as if they are in a dungeon, with water dripping down their neck, it is a little bit less”.