3. What Interaction?

The DataVeil is a body interface for a networked identity. It is our respond to the commercially driven aim to turn our social bodies and identities into functional and transparent 'products'.

‘The most direct form of communication is undoubtedly touching. Make your body lie is difficult. However, while media extend the body in space and time, they prevent us from touching. Media create a world without touching, a body-less existence.' (In: ‘On media theorie’ by Arjen Mulder).

Buttons or Body?
The full body DataVeil is a sensitive body interface for public spaces. Itl is a gender neutral, one size fits all, intimate interactive body space. The DataVeil functions as a ‘second skin’ covered with touch sensors. The sensors are soft and flexible conductive threads, woven invisibly into the DataVeil’s smart fabric. They are woven so as to create a pattern of ‘touch zones’. The humidity of the skin of a hand touching two threads simultaneously completes a circuit and activates a wireless connection to a database.
The DataVeil is an intuitive interface. The touch zones are traceable, but not controllable. They invite you to navigate and explore your body as an interface. To move your the hands slowly and feeling not sensors,
but body warmth.

When you touch your body in the DataVeil, you trigger the database. You subsequently hear an anonymous voice making a statement. You can hear this voice in the private sphere of your DataVeil headset. Due to your intimate touching, the voice sounds as if it was performed by your own body.