One Frame of Fame

With the project One Frame of Fame, the pop band C-Mon & Kypski is producing a video for their new single with the help of the public. All frames of the clip are gradually replaced by photographs made by the public. When you join, you are sent a random frame from the clip, and you are asked to mimic the pose in front of your webcam. The picture taken can be submitted to the website. Currently (February 2011), approximately 29,400 frames have been replaced.

The project is attractive because of its visual and dynamic approach. It is also very intuitive—joining is made very simple. One Frame of Fame is interactive and rewarding: joining provides literally one Frame of Fame; you’re part of a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. The project also has a significant degree of unpredictability: the transmitted frames are randomly selected, and the final result is not a foregone conclusion. Playfulness is also helped by the not for real characteristic. In addition, the project calls for humorous contributions (see figure below).

Maurice Berix