Workshop participants

Twelve participants collaborated in this Biomodd Workshop. Most of these came from the Sint-Niklaas area. Two participants, Pieter and Theo, came from other cities in Belgium, respectively Ghent and Antwerp. Eisa came from the Philippines. She participated in the Philippine Biomodd [LBA2] project in 2009, and was an invited artist for the Coup de Ville arts festival. The festival curator explicitly invited her to also participate in the workshop so she could share some of her past Biomodd experience to the group.

A preceding publication about the workshop in the Belgian popular science magazine Eos was cited by many as the main reason they joined the project. Some of the youngest participants were informed about the workshop by one of their school teachers, a visual artist also participating in Coup de Ville. Up to now, this has been the youngest Biomodd team so far with 8 persons under 20. There were 3 female, and 9 male participants. Almost all participants had no previous experience with building computers. Many of them only had a very basic knowledge about computers which mostly dealt with standard software such as word processing, Internet browsers, and social media. Many had no experience with growing plants or experimenting with biology. Overall there was a high level of participation: 11 out of 12 stayed throughout the whole 6-day workshop, and 7 were strongly involved with the follow-up and exhibition during the two subsequent months (September and October 2010).