In chapter 2, I opened my argument showing a graph to understand media with two axes: asynchronous/synchronous versus physical/virtual. Below I present a graph that reflects the outcomes of this study. In the graph hereunder, in which three out of the four dimensions are depicted, eight communication spaces are sketched in which an actor can act or is acted upon. The fourth dimension, the dimension of action, creates the movement or non-movement in each space. It can be imagined as the thickness of the air one can possibly move in. Clear air in for example the Now/You/Here space facilitates easy action, where for example in the not-Now/not-You/not-Here no air is available and action is nearly impossible. Being in the centre of the axes, an actor can move in any of the eight spaces, or movement is forced upon the actor from one of the eight communication spaces and the actor does or does not have the possibility to react.