Different realities

To Wilson her life online, including her professional life, is like another world in which she lives as well. It is distinct from her life offline though.

“I do not like to talk about my work in social situations for example, because it is part of another reality, I do not know where to start, really not know where to start because there is no ground point, it is such a distributed thing. I could explain it to another engineer but than I could just talk technically, but I cannot talk about it in other terms. (…) It is very hard to share except with the people who are also in that imaginary world like other engineers; then it becomes real. (…) I have not created this; this is who I am. I have been like that as a child when I was playing the piano, my mother can tell you. It is not something I have become; I have made my work of something I like to have, to be able to disappear from where I am. Of course there is conflict, when I have to be available, that can be hard and the imaginary world can become too real. Than I take a walk, call a friend, watch a movie, and usually leave the office.”