Proposing a feeling by technical means

Standing in the container will create the effect of being on open water. Within the container it will be fairly dark. A minimal installation with light and fluids will be there to exaggerate the movements of the container and reflect on the experience of being at sea in a claustrophobic space. A rumbling sound created by the movement vibrates trough the interior walls.

Around the same time Caroline Nevejan asked me to think and collaborate in YUTPA I was invited to be part of Subvision festival Hamburg. I decided to use Subvision as an opportunity for realizing my witnessed-presence research experiments.

The main point of Subvision festival was to use a standard 20 ft shipping container to show your work in or use it for your work. This is the reason for trying to create the feeling I described above.

> The Work will be partly in the container and party be the container itself. I would like to lift the container slightly of the ground and put pneumatic lifting devices under the container. By electronically controlling the lifting devices (controlling the air-pressure) the whole container can be lifted and lowered (approx. 15 cm) and will create a wave-like motion. The pneumatics will make sounds and vibrations, which will be intensified by the soundboard-like qualities of the container. To get a clear idea of the technology and understand the movement, please look at the link below.

Zoro Feigl