5. What Ritual?

Script for hosting a DataVeil wearer:

1 Put on the DataVeil.
Place the DataVeil carefully on a clean floor. Have the participant step into it. Two people lift the DataVeil around the shoulders and fasten the buttons, and place the veil over the participant’s face.

2. To enter the DataVeil community.
Host: ‘When your face is covered with the veil, you will still see us but we will no longer be able to see you – your face will be invisible. So before we close the veil over your head, we will first make a picture and send it to our online database. From that moment you will become unidentifiable in the physical space and your portrait will become available for viewing in the network. When the audience around you caress their smartphone screens, they will make your face visible, ‘unveiling’ your face online. Once you have fully appeared on their screen, a question appears: ‘Do I need to see your eyes to trust you?’ The audience member then uses his or her smartphone to make a statement about trust. This statement is sent to the online database; and becomes audible in the DataVeil headset. As soon as you start searching your body, you hear these voices as if they come from your own intimate body.'

3. DataVeil wearers are accompanied during their explorations in their new physical and virtual domains.