Formative influence on new generations

A place like Paradiso is a continually formative influence on people. I personally learned a tremendous amount, but also these events 'educated' a new generation of cultural programmers. The Hack-Tic people, who were co-producers of the GHP for example, organized amazing events in the subsequent years like Hacking at the End of the Universe, Hacking in Progress, Hacking at Large and What the Hack in which a few thousand hackers would camp, hack and also exchange the cultural and political implications of their work. Originally inspired by the GHP, they took the lessons they learned quite a big step further.note 87 Apart from learning production skills, people are mostly inspired by a certain attitude. An attitude that is inspired by and derived from the music scene where musicians like to play together, share their music and enjoy. In this sense Paradiso has been, and still is, an inspiration for many.