Alternative use of technology

The same week a more formal Paradiso press release concerning the ICATA '89 stated the following:

On August 2, 3 & 4 1989, a large gathering of technologically minded people will assemble in Paradiso, Amsterdam, for the ICATA (International Conference on Alternative Use of Technology Amsterdam). Computer-, data-, network-, and telecommunication specialists of all ages and origin will be able to meet and interact (... ) making an extensive and fruitful East/West, South/North dialogue possible. (... ) A major theme of this conference will be the democratisation and the demystification of modern, and especially computer-technology in the age of global communication. (... ) As the computer industry is presently structured, there is a definite risk that full access and use of modern techniques will become restricted to a limited elite of professional and/or business people. Such a development could run contrary to the hopes and expectations that were prevalent among the very same people at the dawn of the information era. (... ) Thanks to desk-top publishing, the transactions of the conference will be made available to the public right at the venue's close. (Organization Folder 1989).