Reputation towards funders

A few months later, when the rebuild phase was getting into consolidation mode, the large Non Governmental Organizations had obtained a lot of money by that time from all over the world. Faced with the need for coordination, but also faced with the need for establishing their own reputation towards their own funders, the large NGO’s refused to collaborate in such a portal anymore.

Their identity and their presence in the region were at stake. So they all went to their head offices with a request to build such a coordinating portal and to build it within their own frameworks. As a result of the abundance of money they had received, they all made their own portal in which they only presented their own work and effort with the purpose to satisfy their own sponsors and funders in the first place. The primary thing was to tell the world and your particular funder what you are doing, independent of what other people do. You don’t want to potentially relate to the same funders or make them compare. You actually try to capsule it in a way that the portal will say what you would want it to say.