Tsunami 2004: Who’s doing What and Where

When the Tsunami hit on the 26th of December 2004, Dinesh was taking some relaxed time close to one of the places where the disaster happened. After the first panic in the relief phase, coordination was necessary to start the rebuild.

And after a few months many people who were in the relief mode had settled down and long-term rehabilitation needed to be organized.
At this moment in time some coastal organizations of fishermen asked Dinesh and his friends to help out. There were lots of local groups, but there were lots and lots of other people from everywhere who had launched themselves in the Tsunami areas as well, because of their expertise in some area. So in the first few months after the Tsunami happened, Dinesh and friends built a portal to show Who’s doing What and Where in the open source platform Pantoto, which they had developed before. It wanted to contribute to the re-coordinating of the rehabilitation work.
One of the issues they ran into was the fact that very few volunteers on location knew how to handle the platform and for it to be useful reports had to be written, edited and uploaded everyday.