Interacting with your computer

Because of their scale and speed, computers and systems have changed important concepts of space, of speed, of connection, of impact. Computers have changed people’s perception of the world and the effect of their actions is really profound.

Quillinan agrees, but also emphasizes that at core he is an engineer and to him computers and systems are tools and the creativity behind computers he understands as being human-inspired. The tools themselves he never considered to be beautiful or creative at all.
Nevejan argues that the input of data and the processes they do, seem to be of a different category than the impact their outcomes have. Quillinan agrees that computers do change people, but interacting with your computer often times means interacting with other people. Especially in social networking interaction with computers is actually influenced by interaction with other people. In that regard they’re more than just tools; they do have some impact in your life. If it were just a dumb terminal you were entering data into to do something and return result, nothing really changes, one just uses it to do something very quickly. Quillinan supposes that the difference between what he means by tool and what Nevejan means by computer, is that Nevejan focuses on how computers change human beings, where Quillinan sees a computer as a facility, which allows human beings to change by interaction with other people.