Automation versus human touch

At first, when coming out of college where the processes are not automated at all, the automated environments of the IT industry seem very attractive. All is taken care of and one does not have to negotiate with one individual to get the paper work done.

Once one is used to the automatic processing, over a period of time many workers start to miss the human touch in their activities because they are more and more treated like a machine. This contradiction creates conflict. To solve the conflict people make adjustments and focus on the money they earn with it. Many go to the U.S.A. and this creates a new dynamic. People start liking the western context where you do not have to struggle for electricity, you do not have to struggle for access to drinkable water, you do not have to struggle for many things and one gets used to this. When coming back to India people realize that that kind of facilities and infrastructure are not there in India. They start feeling bad, go back to the US, get married and now they have a girl child and find the particular U.S.A. atmosphere not good for the child and so they go back to India and so on.