Hierarchies under constant negotiation

Sunil Abraham is deeply involved with the open source community. He defines open source as follows: to ensure that intangible goods will have the same properties as tangible goods when acquired for free or for a fee: to use, to study, to modify, and to share.

Open Source is a license, a specific way of social organisation and a specific way of publicising. Witnessing of each other is a profound mechanism in the Open Source community. Open Source communities are hierarchies under constant negotiation. The hierarchy is more dynamic than IRL as well as more contextual. The hierarchy can change dramatically depending upon the subject at stake.

Trust in the Open Source community functions on different levels:
1. Legally, the licence itself establishes the terms of access and ownership to create basis of trust in collaboration.
2. Socially open source communities have the social fabric of a meritocracy with a benevolent dictator who is responsible for establishing trust and authenticity, makes space for other ego’s in the limited space of a virtual community, arbitrates abort behaviour outside law and legal situations
3. Open source is a publicized social contract and therefore it can generate global trust