Science and Technology Studies: Actor Network Theory

Science and Technology Studies (STS) studies how science and technological innovation affect society (Hackett et al 2007). A variety of disciplines and methodologies contribute to STS. The Actor Network Theory, ANT, (Latour 2005) is of specific interest for presence as a value for design in a ubiquitous technology and media landscape.

ANT argues that causality of what happens next is seldom the result of a direct causal relation. An extensive network, with a variety of cultural, economic and political dynamics exists, in which things (material) and concepts (semiotic) contribute to the state of affairs at a certain moment in time. Individuals execute their strive for survival and well-being within such networks. Analyses with ANT shed light on how individuals in the network (consisting of things and concepts) strive for well-being and survival and from this perspective offers insightful presence design analyses mainly focusing on presence as a factor of analysis.

CN , Frances Brazier