Biological, social and algorithmic reality

Today human being’s experience evolves in a complex combination of biological and social systems, in which the algorithmic system interferes all the time as well. It is very difficult to isolate any of the three.

It is like a feedback loop where you are not sure what the structure of the loop is. It is a multidimensional loop, Hazra argues. It is as if the users, the human subjects, manipulate the algorithmic system to generate a phenomena, which is somewhere in between the collaboration of the social-, the algorithmic- and the biological system. Algorithmic pattern recognizers have the dark possibility of shaping and streamlining the way people engage with the world. It is all the more crucial now to be very aware of how these manipulations operate. Hazra is convinced that the more a person is aware of how the mediation is actually happening, the more this person will be in an empowered state.