On the first day 140 three-day passes were sold for fl 25,00note 102 each and 154 one-day tickets for fl 10,00 each. The second day we sold 284 one-day tickets, and on the third day another 315 tickets were sold. In total we had 893 paying visitors. We had over 50 people (from outside Paradiso) who were collaborating to make the GHP happen, 19 formal guests and a guest list of about 20 people a day, consisting of friends of the collaborators, Paradiso people and formal guests (Bizzinizz Folder 1989). Therefore, over a 1000 people participated in the GHP. Overall ticket sales generated fl 13.673,-.

The preliminary costs incurred in financing the GHP were: Travel (just 2 tickets from the USA for Felsenstein and Draper were over fl 3000) fl 4875,63 Technology (cables and additional equipment that I mostly had to rent) fl 8582,64 Entertainment (film, dj, games) fl 911,80 Publicity fl 375,- Catering collaborators fl 1728,30 Hotel fl 550,- Representation fl 998,- Insurance fl 1200,- Telephone fl 4682,70 All computers, including the SUN Machine, were sponsored. Most formal guests paid their own way. The total cost was fl 23.904,07. Paradiso covered the difference of fl 10.231,07.