Design thinking: Collaborative authoring of outcomes

In complex design trajectories, in which business and political dynamics are at stake, the need to incorporate individuals strive for well-being and survival is acknowledged and has been studied in depth. To this end, Humphries and Jones formulate the concept of ‘collaborative authoring of outcomes’ (Humphries and Jones 2006).

Through an iterative process of design in which different scenarios are explored by participants (stakeholders) in the to be designed new system/structure, the individual strive for well-being and survival drives the process of design. Because individuals participate from out their own strive for survival and well-being, contribute from this perspective, they become authors of the collective process and therefore accept responsibility for its outcomes. This approach is distinct from many other ‘participatory design’ processes in which participant’s contributions to the design process do not demand a collaborative authoring of its outcomes. Collaborative authoring of outcomes is a value based design process in which presence as value is key.

CN , Frances Brazier