Values in the 'mighty' frame of law

Law and the court have a great influence in society. The ‘mighty frame’ of law is legitimized by social values and political choices. Even though Law tries to understand what happens, its ‘mighty’ frame defines what it can know and what it cannot know.

Therefore it is mostly one-way traffic from law to society. Law does not consciously ‘social engineer’ society but it does provide a relation between humans and systems. Most citizens never red the law but nevertheless they have an understanding of the basic principles it reflects. These are:

1. Integrity of body and mind
2. Freedom of expression
3. To live under the rule of law
4. A law that has been created by democratic process
5. Courts will apply the law
6. There will be no other force in society than the police, which operates under the rule of law
7. The right to build your own capacity
8. The right to build your own direct social relationships