To communicate with not-You

The four communication spaces that are defined by not-You are much more problematic for the building or diminishing of trust since they are most of the time highly dependent upon the delegation of trust. Trust in social structures and trust in technology are required to be able to operate in those spaces, trust between individuals is the not the issue in such spaces.

Being in a genuine space surrounded by strangers, is like being in wild nature. Everything is information. The confusing reality is that surveillance and identification technologies deeply invade in the body and its autonomy, just like mass media operate the mind. Mass media and surveillance and identification technologies do not generate feedback from the perspective of having a relation with the actor. They use the actor and they deeply invade into the personal sphere. There is no response or feedback the actor can give. He or she is treated as input and output of information.

In the not-You/Now/Here communication space (in busy streets for example) people treat each other as information, as Buber already argued. But in such a busy street one can still be a witness and decide to act. With the help of information and communication technologies the information of human beings presence is turned into data-identity in all other three not-You spaces and this data-identity a person can hardly control.