Because I have approached the case studies from the perspective of 'producing multiple presences', I have asked close collaborators of the time to review the work presented here. Key-informants for the Galactic Hacker Party, which will be discussed in this chapter, were Rop Gonggrijp, Patrice Riemens and Jan Dietvorst. Rop Gonggrijp and Patrice Riemens co-produced the event with me as external partners and I will introduce them later. Jan Dietvorst is the colleague from Paradiso who was specifically involved in the networked events to be discussed. Because I will also discuss Paradiso's methodology, I asked Jan Willem Sligting, a former colleague who at the time was, and still is, the musical artistic director, and also Pierre Ballings, the current executive director of Paradiso, to comment specifically on the section about Paradiso.