Day 4 Group work day!!

Thursday is the free day for us to prepare our presentation and maybe it is a good chance to integrating our individually part into a whole design.

The 2nd edition of the presentation was another success of teamwork with some much links between each others. My teammates really help me with the organization of my slides in which I put too much thing. I think I would from now on, first be aware of the time and the contexts of the presentation and then decide how I am going to about the topic. Of course the aim of the presentation is not to teach the audience some complex theories or equations but to present the main idea of your designs or projects in order to inform them a brief introduction about designs or projects and also attractive the audience.

In the short break, Prof. Jaco lead the way to the botanical garden. And the guider in the garden show the way in the garden and give us a briefly introduction to the all the plants. It is my first time to know that three types of peper are harvested from one kind of plant. I was also surprised by the living tree Pavilion which is keeping growing now. It resembles the magic and the strength of the nature.