Our first building design

The first ideas for a bio-friendly building

To protect the building from the wind and the change of temperature outside, we decided to build the faculty half under the ground. Indeed, the change of temperature is much slower underground than over it. That is why the ground will be all over the building, consituted of coconut fibers, in order to regulate the humidity and the temperature of the building.
Moreover a spherical shape enables the building to not be bothered by the wind and to recover easily the rain at the bottom of the half sphere. That is why we had the idea to round the building with a lake, filled in with the rainwater. With the appropriate choice of biomass, rocks and sand the water of the lake can be purified and recovered by pipes. As a consequence, the rainwater can be used by the students of the building.
To make sure that the sunlight is well-reparted in the building, lots of spherical windows must be put on the half sphere outside. The shape of the window inside the building is rounded, not flat, to ensure a better repartition of the light.
To enhance a well-being feeling, the entrance of the building may be a green house. Moreover, the function of the faculty will be obvious for the people.

Laure , James Shirley