Impressions on the first course day

Reflection and impressions on the first course day.

Lectures started after a short walk through the TU Delft campus.

The first lecture from Ms. Caroline Nevejan was unexpected. At first the subject of the lecture seemed unrelated to biomimicry. Nevertheless, the session was interesting. For me, the strength of the lecture was the structured and methodical way the non-technical matter was presented. The YUTPA method facilitated an insight in the emotional part of human thinking. At the end of the day I understood that this first lecture prepared us for the rest of the course as it created a different paradigm than we are used to, to approach the subject of biomimicry.

The second lecture from Dr. Jaco Appelman was in the line of my expectations. The session was given from a sustainable point of view. This again was refreshing since it is not the viewpoint I usually have. Although it was only an introduction, it already provided some new insights as the redefinition of 'sustainability' itself. All the different examples of biomimicy given, create great expectations for the following lectures.

To conclude, the first day was not as expected. Prior to the lectures, I thought of this course as a purely technical course from a technical point of view. However the first day provided us a short introduction on the technical aspects of biomimicry from a social and environmental point of view. To my opinion this is very interesting since it creates a much wider view on the subject than a purely technical course could enable.

Andreas Belderbos