Impressions on the third course day

Reflection and inpressions on the third course day

This third day started in separate groups with a recapitulation of the second day. The design options to deal with the energy problem were revised. Also new ideas were thought of and discussed in group.

After a basic elaboration of the ideas in separate teams, a small presentation was given. This created the possibility to compare overlapping ideas and get input from the entire group.

With this valuable input and with a better view on the other teams' ideas and approach, a further elaboration of our own ideas was made. A more in-depth analysis was made and a general explanation is written. The written part is published as our first hands-on articles on the subject.

Later the different articles from every team member were put together to form one coherent story for our team portfolio. This portfolio will be extended on the following course days.

To finalize the day, each team gave an end presentation. These were short presentations about the elaborated ideas. During the presentation every team indicated what they needed from other teams, or the building itself, to make their idea work. Everyone also indicated what their team could deliver to other teams or to the building. This enables a more intense coordination between the different teams during the next days.

Andreas Belderbos