Impressions on the fourth course day

Reflections and impressions on the fourth course day

This fourth day was the last design day. Since tomorrow is all about presenting our work in teams, the calculation part had to be finished today. It wasn't an easy job, but after a day of hard work the project starts taking its final shape.

Work from yesterday was revised at the start of today. Some ideas that seemed not to fit the whole project, were discarded. The rest of the ideas were further elaborated. This way indicating numbers were calculated so we could give the other teams an idea of how much space and material we need for our energy supply.

At the middle of the day we had a nice break. A visit to the botanical gardens was scheduled. There we got a guided tour. This and the fresh air gave us some inspiring ideas for the further elaboration of our concepts.

At the end of the day every team did its presentation. This was a nice exercise for the final day. After the presentations some remarks by the other teams and by Dr. Appelman were made so we can improve the presentation even further.

Andreas Belderbos