Quantifying the energy need

The amount of energy needed is quantified to obtain a starting point for design calculations

The amount of energy needed is calculated to quantify some of the energy solutions. To do this, an estimation is made of the number of students in the building. To keep things simple, it is estimated that the study will take five years and each year 200 students will start a study in bio-engineering. Therefore 1000 students will be in the building each day.

A difference is made between the amount of energy needed as electricity and energy needed as heat. The primary objective is to generate electricity, the reason is twofold. First, the amount of electricity needed is much bigger than the amount of heat. Second, heat can be obtained as a byproduct of the electricity generation.

The calculations are based on data from a research 'CO2-footprint TUDelft'. This research provide energy measurements for a period of one year, for a university of approximately 13.000 students. A conversion factor of 8,3 kWh/Nm³ is chosen to convert the gas consumption to heat consumption. Besides this, an efficiency of 40% is estimated as the efficiency of the thermal powered generator situated on the site of TUDelft.

To conclude, there will be an energy need of 20 MWh of electricity per day and 800 kWh of heat per day for the whole building. In addition it is estimated that the peak use of electricity during the day will be 1,5 MW.

Andreas Belderbos