Of Community Gardens and Conscience

For us to completely understand the cyclical concept of Food and Waste, we believe in the concept of Community Gardens which will act as both resource creation and social education tool to improve the environment.

Community gardens are a model of collective and intensive human energy.
The control and maintenance of orchards and gardens in urban environments provides greater space and a better quality of life for its inhabitants.
At present we need new recovery processes of urban space that improve the sustainability of cities, both environmentally and socially, and that enhances sustainable urban metabolism functioning and quality of life of citizens. It will also be necessary to review the management models of these spaces in order to improve its performance. The orchards and gardens are instruments that provide a suitable solution for these requirements.
Involves the implantation of gardens managed by the community itself. This requires training for anyone interested in being part of the process of environmental transformation.
The compost obtained from the organic would serve as a natural fertilizer, creating a cyclical process: Waste = Food
So for this we can follow some basic steps so that the process works correctly:
1. Gather your neighbors
2. Establish a Garden Club
3. Find a spot for the garden
4. Ensure continuous water service
5. Plan the garden, get the necessary materials and organize.

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