Food and waste integration in the bio-based design

Presentation report

The building is seen as a living organism. The building has its own inputs and outputs due to the inhabitants. Objective of the team is to mimic the structure of living being for the structure of the building. This concept is combined with the idea that every end is a new beginning.

The team has to be very concise in the design of the building. When the building is build, there need to be focused on educating people so nature can teach us how we can recycle everything. Different types of waste can become useful. Organic waste can be used as fuel for a biomass reactor or can be converted in compost to use in a community garden

Besides this the building itself needs food (materials for construction). Here again recycling can be important. Waste for human, can be food for the building. Empty bottles can be converted to isolation material.

Last but not least, also water can be recycled (mainly from toilet). From everywhere the waste water can be used in the toilet. When used in the toilet, the water is purified. A proposed method to purify water is anaerobic conversion , which generates clean water and fertilizer as byproduct.

To give students an incentive to recycle a system of rewards is introduced. This can be in the form of a contest to innovate in an ecological way.

Andreas Belderbos