Water Distribution System

After considering all the aspects of water distribution, we decide to use gravity to transport the water all the way downward, to use capillary for small distance upward transport and to use a pumping unit to ensure the water supply and long distance upward transport.

As you can see in the picture, the storage unit and treatment unit are in the middle of the building and lays several floors down the top of the building. In that distance, we can use capillary array unit to supply water to the floors which is in between the top and the storage unit. Another advantage of the position of the storage unit is that we can obtain a water pressure resulting from the height of these several floors. After we collecting the rain water, the pressure is useful in the treatment process which takes place in the treatment unit.
Only with the rain water, it may be not able to offer enough water for the whole building. So we must find other kinds of water resource to make use of. Being aware of the fact underground water is rich in Holland, we decide to set a pumping unit to make use of the underground water. Here is the plan: we pull the water up to the storage unit ,do the treatment of the underground water and at last distribute the water to the floors in between the storage unit and the pumping unit by the principle of gravity.
There would be some problems in the capillary distribution system such as the efficiency of this system, the time consumption of the capillary transportation process. But capillary method is well used in nature for millions of year and it has the capability to make a difference if we can well design the structure of this kind of system. We are looking forward to the development of the approaching of capillary action.