Here we describe in detail how the reporting system could improve education in an organism-inspired building.

Starting form this example we started thinking about how to stimulate different research groups in a faculty to increase collaboration and exchange of ideas so that truly multidisciplinary research would ensue. This would stimulate research and innovation in the institute and increase chances for assuming a leading international role.

We also started to think about how information could be shared in a university in different ways than the traditional lectures. We believe that information should be shared more organically, in a way that student can take advantage of the expertise of individuals in the faculty. Moreover, the dissemination of knowledge should be made fit for more modular and personalized education, in order to accomodate the needs of students with different backgrounds and following different trajectories. As we think that education will become more personalized and focus on project-based learning, we want to create a platform to support these new forms of learning

A third role would be to facilitate the reporting of activity and achievements with the goal of attracting and recruiting students to specific research groups for the purpose of PhDs, theses and smaller scale projects.