Belgian guy with Romanian & German roots. Born, raised & educated in Leuven. Started with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering & Computer science, then decided I wanted to learn about the integration of brain, body & technology so I went for Biomedical Engineering.

Figuring out how the Brain works, reverse engineering it and, who knows, maybe sometime even hacking into it is what keeps my passion for the subject burning. Since the Biomed. eng. program in Leuven is very free, I took up courses related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biological Systems & Cybernetics as well as electronics.

If we want to successfully integrate body & technology, I believe biomimicry will be an important factor and helpful tool towards this goal. Also since nature & evolution are the ultimate prototyping and optimization system, I believe that looking to solutions devised by nature is a wise idea in every area of engineering.