The ideal structure

Since the core of Biomimicry is research,
this function needs to be the core for the faculty
as well.

Today Noe and me focused on the physical environment that would suit the Bio-lab faculty.
Therefore we decided that the environment needs to stimulate social interaction and that the environment also needs to be inspiring. We concluded that we needed an Aula, a place to relax, a research centre/laboratory and small rooms (for max 20 students). We found inspiration from the architect Buckminster Fuller and Norman Foster and decided that the heart of the building also needs to resemble the buildings identity.
In our philosophy the heart of biomimicry is research, so the research centre and the laboratory should be in the centre of the building. In order to create a relaxing environment, but also to complete the picture you see when you enter the building this research core will be surrounded by a botanical garden. So if you enter you see nature and research and this combination immediately gives the building its clear identity but maybe even more important: it will inspire people.
Furthermore the aula’s, classrooms and stuff like the cafeteria’s will be around this core and will be organized in a flexible way in order to stimulate social interaction etc. On top of these spaces will again be a place to relax, and automatically provides the students with a kind of overview which can be useful to put things in perspective. These spaces will in one side flow over in grass to the ground level, so one side of these spaces will be covered with ground. This will result in a nice isolation and will save energy and at the same time provides the energy team with the possibility of solar panels.