Third day

Personal reflection of day three

At the beginning of the day, we briefly went over the ideas of the previous day in order to further elaborate them. I noticed that these group discussions led to quite some debating and the throwing back and forth of arguments, but they were less than optimal from a goal-oriented point of view. Therefore we decided to subdivide into two groups where the first one focussed on the communication-aspect of education and the second one focussed on the optimization of spatial organization to provide an optimal learning environment. This approach seemed to work better as we quickly came up with a range of specific solutions.

To construct the first presentation, we made use of collaborative document-editing software (Google Docs), which worked excellent as we could immediately provide eachother with feedback and make changes to the presentation on our own computer. It seemed that we interpreted the goal of the presentation a bit different than other groups, since our approach was more that of presenting our functional analysis and then indicating our line of thinking with respect to solutions, while some other groups immediately went on to specific solutions.

I felt that the process was hindered somewhat because of certain misunderstandings with the coordinators during the presentation. For example, it was unfortunate that we did not made it clear that we were working on ideas in two subgroups, so that our presentation was interrupted only after the first group had finished.

To conclude, I had the impression that the third day was a bit chaotic, and I wished that it had been made clearer sometimes what exactly was expected of us and that we would have been given a bit more freedom to tackle these problems in our own way. One example: although I believe that the Being Here website is a useful resource of information and an interesting project, I have my doubts on whether this is the optimal way to organize and present our information, and I suspect that some time could have been saved using other approaches. All in all I believe that forcing methods and tools on the group, together with a bit of a lack of breathing room and time might have hurt the design process.