Fourth day

Personal reflection and impressions of day four

We started our day by presenting to and discussing our ideas with the professor who supervises the project. Based on the feedback we received, we decided to refocus our solutions away from the spatial organization (creating a supportive learning environment) towards other solutions that better support emerging forms of education. We felt that our results regarding the spatial layout were not lost however, as they were incorporated in the design by the group working on the shelter aspect. Based on ideas of the previous day we decided again to split up in two subgroups (this time mixing up the members) in one group working on the "central nervous system" of the building concept, and the other working on a reporting system that would stimulate awareness of activities, collaboration, involvement and exchange of ideas.

While working on the last project, we felt that our ideas could really contribute to engaging students in the research conducted throughout their faculty and involving them in projects themselves: since we felt that we were working on something really useful, it boosted our morale and the ideas kept flowing. Although we didn't manage to deliver a presentation that was fully integrated and pollished, we still felt that we were able to bring our message across this time, so that we were more satisfied after the presentation and the ensuing discussion and feedback.

Personally I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't hang around the campus after dinner to further pollish our team's webpage and presentation, because of other teammembers needing to return home. I felt that these two (presentation and webpage) still needed a bit of work before we could start the next day with peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment over our work. Therefore I decided to join some people of the other groups and go to the library, to put some more work in the webpage. Finally, I hope that we have enough time tomorrow morning to finish a qualitatively sound presentation, visually as well as structurally and content-wise.