Day 01

Having had our first day at TU Delft, our teacher encouraged us to write our first impressions about the university and the lectures. Well, here they are.

Good things:

I was really astonished by the campus. How huge it is and how nice the buildings are really stroke me, not because I didn’t expect from the beginning TU Delft to have such good infrastructures, but because I come from a small French engineering school in Paris and we’re not used to this. Students had lots of space for team working, such as project rooms and square benches, which seems very nice. In other words, the university environment really motivates the students for working and learning.
Concerning the lectures, I really enjoyed the presentation of the course with the example of the bird peek train. The several examples that were meant to illustrate the second lecture, such as the Eastgate center in Harare or the interfaceFLOOR, were also really useful to understand the abstract concepts presented in the class.
I also think that the little workshop and presentation at the end of the first lecture was a really good idea. As nobody knew each other yet, it helped us to interact and to practice what we had just learnt, as well as our presentation skills.

Bad things:

I think we lost a lot of time learning how to use Being Here. 1:30 for that is just too much. I believe it would be better to send a document to the students by mail before the lecture and than see after the first lecture for about half an hour if anyone has problems using it. This way we could learn more about biomimicry itself during the first day.
I also think that the relation between the first lecture about presence design and biomimicry design itself wasn’t explicit enough. I can perfectly understand that we must maybe start by the presence design class, but still, it was kind of disappointing since it was not what we expected when we chose that course. Perhaps if the teacher insisted more on the link her lecture had with biomimicry, it would be better.