Questionaire about strangers

how are you?
I hope you are well.
My name is Martin Butler and I'm busy collecting research for a new project that I'm asked to participate with in Holland about presence.

Im asking 100 people, two questions..
50 of the people, are people that I've met at some point in my life and have fond memories attached to them and the other 50 people are people that i don't know ...

I wondered if you could help by answering the two questions below.. it won't take too long.. and would really help me if you would answer them

Question one..
When would you trust a stranger?

Question two
How would you make a stranger trust you?

i hope you have time to answer them..

with warm smiles and best wishes

martin "

Out of 100 people 94 people responded.

Person # 1
question one :
when i can look him/ her in the eyes..or can read in between his / hers lines

question two :
When he/ she looks me in the eyes
Or when he / she can read in between my lines

Person #2
When would you trust a stranger?
most of the time. Trust is he base of human communication. trusting it's always a better first choice. so I trust people from the word start...and hope the trust will endure through time.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
By trusting the stranger.

Person # 3
When would you trust a stranger?
I trust always in a stranger if I feel good vibes in them.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
I try to be open, clear and not interested to second goals

Person # 4
When would you trust a stranger?
well, depends on what kind of feeling that person gives me during the first meeting/ conversation. Body language, use of word, tone of voice, questions etc etc

How would you make a stranger trust you? just to be myself and to have no alternative motives. 

Person # 5
1) i think i mostly know from somebodys eye expresion.

2) if i want somebody to trust me i make sure i am open, respectfull and i will look the person in the eye.

Person # 6

It is wisely said that we base our judgment of others on behavior while we judge ourselves based on content.

My judgment whether or not to trust a stranger would be based on this persons behavior, along with all visual information about the person and the connotations belonging to it, according to my own perception , knowledge and experience. Recognition /  both in terms of the visual and the behavior, including the situation which inspired the contact, would play an important part. The term recognition  referring to personal, cultural, situation bound and every other form of familiarity. Within these boundaries I would evaluate whether the person was trustworthy or not. The signs I would be looking for, would be founded in my own ethics, moral, inclination and aesthetics.

How would I make a stranger trust me:

I would present myself with the values and personality that makes me me. Important ingredients would be politeness, respect, non offensive conduct in every sense. I would have a positive attitude, include humor and personality, if I saw it fitting . I would make an aesthetic attractive impression according to my own perception.I would also consider the perception of the stranger in terms of acceptability on all issues mentioned and let this guide me, to make certain adjustments to my own performance,  in order to come across as trustworthy.

Person # 7
1. When I would trust a stranger - it would be too long to enumerate the situations - I sometimes would, sometimes because I have no choice, sometimes  because I think it is appropriate. It really depends on the vibes/cues I get: 
if it is a situation where you have to rely on their competence (like at the hospital): if I get the impression they know what they are doing or talking about, if I get the impression they are experienced - and if what they say or do goes along with what I think I know. 
Otherwise: a lot body language- cues from the eyes, their voice, their gestures and behaviour (whether they seem to lie or not, deliver contradictory information etc.), whether they seem to be striving to convince me of something or to have a hidden agenda- 
and of course the context. If I can extrapolate the background of the person (like we are all at a medical congress, or we are in a church and they are dressed like a nun) and what they tell me suits my extrapolation I will probably not be very guarded. 
So a lot a gut feeling - which as I said comes I think mainly from the impressions or physical cues I register, consciously or not. 
Probably not a very original answer, but thats what comes to my mind right now. 

2-How to make a stranger trust you: 
dont threaten them ( ; 
Well I guess I try to show that whatever I say fits what I think is the truth. That also includes making eye contact, being polite and not pushy about something. 
Being "centered" - there is something you consciously or not  feel in the presence of people who give you the impression of being themselves rather than playing a role - a subjective thing and a complex question of course. 
That might  include a certain calmness - but not always (I guess one can be screaming for help saying a friend has had an accident and still be convincing). 

Or to go back to general acting technique statements: if you are convinced you will be convincing, if you are not,  chances are you won't be. 

Person # 8
When would you trust a stranger?
It's the friendliness in his/her eyes and the caring in the action.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
By truly communicating: developing trust and understanding by respectfully talking and listening to each other.

Person # 9
1) I usually trust a stranger when he/she is NOT too kind and helpful. I never trust a person who seems too keen on helping or listening to others, maybe i'm too cynical but it always seems phoney to me. I would trust someone with a more "take it or leave it" attitude, like "i wanna help you,sure, but it doesn't mean i particularly care". Maybe it's because i like a challenge: i will make you care, at the end of the day! 

2) Believe it or not, i'm quite a compassionate person. But i can't stand the rhetoric of compassion. I'm very matter of fact, and i think the best way to make someone trust you is helping/listening to/ caring for them when they need it: fast, efficiently, no frills, no tears, no time wasting "sharing"....i would just help them as fast as i could. And THEN talk about it. I'm not a typical latin person, i guess.

Person # 10

When would you trust a stranger?
when the stranger explains me that I have no other choice

How would you make a stranger trust you?
by explaining the stranger that he/she has no other choice.

Person #11
suppose i would take it as one question 

the question being when would i trust a stranger 

i think it is in the tone of the voice, the quality of the gaze

likewise how i (would) seek a stranger to trust me

Person #12
i would trust a stranger when i don't feel he has the intension of gaining my trust

how can i make a stranger trust me

just sharing something personal suddenly,a story,a joint,or even a place to spend a night.

Person #13
When would you trust a stranger?
if he trusts me

How would you make a stranger trust you?
trust him

Person #14
1 :  when he is doing the exact same thing i am doing
2: doing the same exact thing he is doing

Person #15
1. when i like them.
2. hope that they like me.

Person #16
When would you trust a stranger?
in principle i always trust a stranger, untill he/she would gives me a reason not to. 
i make an effort to always let trust be the startingpoint. 
people have called me naive many times, and i've been screwed and fooled, but that's the price you pay to not become cynical / unfriendly / unthoughtfull / unhelpfull as a person ánd as a society.... 

How would you make a stranger trust you?
i would like to think that people will acknowledge my trustworthyness if they look into my eyes, but i've nevrtheless learned that not everybody does. it's also an empathy thing, it has to do with your antennas. if i feel somebody is not comfortable, i will, to an extent, make an effort to make sure i do not really oppose a threat. for instance, i will try to stand not too close, approach another only in the company or sight of other people, make another person hear or noatice what my intentions are, be calm and speak quietly and politely, etc.
if somebody can't read or appreciate these signs or me making an effort at least, and is just stubborn in his/her suspicion (?) i will give up and leave it to him/her....

Person # 17
When would you trust a stranger?
When he or she has friendly eyes.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
To be really modest.

Person # 18
1. I have a tendency to trust strangers when I am in a situation where I am lost, or in need of information that I can't find myself.

2. To cause a stranger to trust me, I would make an effort to show them that the information I relaying to them is accurate and reliable - the best way to do this is to have an immediate reference to support my information - be that a person, or a map, or something else that would cause them to believe that what I am telling them is true.

Person #19
1) When my gut feeling says its ok
2) Look the stranger in the eyes and smile ;)

Person #20
1. When I needed help.
2. Show respect for them and myself.

Person #21
1: i would not really unless it would be any woman as i trust women more than men, especially when you hear all the things in the media...., and i would only do that because ive talked to the stranger before.
2: be friendly, not to open or to willing to help, gives wrong impressions

Person #22
1. when i feel the person trusting me
2. everyone trusts me

Person # 23
When would you trust a stranger?
I guess it's usually a metter of feeling. There is some people that you met 5 minutes ago with who you feel very comfortable, this one I would trust.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Like when I trust someone, it's not because he made me trust him, so it's quite the same, if I seem honest and true to a stranger, why he wouldn't trust me?

Person #24
1. I don't know, it's just a feeling (sometimes wrong)
2. I don't care if they trust me

Person #25
I think everything is in the feeling that I get from that person, the eyes, the smile, the face, what I feel inside... Do I feel good, do I feel repulsion; I will generally trust my feelings, my perceptions. It doesn't have to do with the way the person look but more with how I feel when standing in front of him/her.

Just beeing myself completely; I don't have to play game. I'm a trustable person. If the other person cannot feel it, too bad!

Person # 26
I would say that I usually trust people but im working with people and I have to say that if you trust them yo get disappointed in the 90% of the cases.

How would I get somebody to trust me?
I would just give my ownself.

Person #27
i've learned, painfully), not to trust strangers who ask me for something. most are hustlers. yet, i rely on "the kindness of strangers" when i travel - all the time. i also trust myself. some people are worthy of trust, others not. they should develop a blood test to tell the difference.

Person # 28
When would you trust a stranger?

I trust a stranger when we look at each other in the eye and it feels we can trust each other.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Looking at him in the eyes, when I am convinced that he can trust me.

Person # 29
Cut the crap. I am supposed to believe that this is some kind of actual study? Do you think people are stupid or what?

Person # 30
1. I think eyes can tell enough,im working with my intuition...and know that i already trusted a lot of strangers,when i had the feeling that they are real and true. and i can't remember that my feeling was lying to me.

2. if a stranger wouldn't trust me, maybe i would give him my passport or anything that he can be sure who he's talking to.

Person # 31
i would trust if she/he seems to be authentic, honest

i would make strangers make trust me in listening, spending time with her/him, asking questions, being really interested in her/him

Person # 32
Normally i'd trust a stranger, while i'd try make myself a trustable person smiling at unknown people and looking at them in the eyes, trying to "smile with the eyes themselves"

Person # 33
When would you trust a stranger?
I'd trust a stranger when I realize he/she's not a stranger to myself anymore. That is, when we have the chance to express our empathy wheter staring at each other's body languages or verbally.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
In a long term period, I like to let the "stranger" look at me both to my positive and negative side, which I'm strongly conviced are common to every human being on this earth. And then I'll just say to him/her (or let him/her think) "Hey, that's me. That's all of me. At least, I just didn't lie to you. I hope you'll appreciate it".

Person # 34
When would you trust a stranger?
Depends of the situation, context, place and time.
Instinctively I don't trust when I fell fear or somehow hurt by them but I can happens with no strangers as well.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Being truthful and clear as possible.

Person # 35
I would do and ask everything and trust everything you would ask me.

Person # 36
: At anytime the stranger is nice and seen thrustworthy.
2: By being polite and nice. To give a good impression.

Person # 37
1. I always took candy from strangers... I tend to trust in the other people I meet, unless they give an aggresive look or talk/act in an aggresive manner.
2. I would make a stranger trust me by looking at the eyes and speaking calm and softly.

Person # 38
2 questions 1 answer: it depends on the stranger, if I want and he/she wants & if the the feeling & ratio is ok ... it´s ok!

Person # 39
first: i think i cant tell one point when to trust a stranger. it depends on my feeling, and on the situation, for example if i have no other choice then to trust.
and second question: i cant anyone make to trust me. every person is individual with his or her trust. it depends a lot to the vibes, i guess.

Person # 40
Q 1: I trust strangers on intuition. I have a lot of people approach me - I am from NZ living in Berlin and must be open somehow. If they feel right then I trust that otherwise I don't. If I don't listen to my intuition I usually end up in a situation I would like to get out of - and quickly!

Q 2: I would make someone trust me by listening to them and being open and honest about myself. This generally makes people comfortable and trust you. Again- I have many people approach me to tell me things so I am naturally someone trustworthy I suspect. When i approach people i am honest. People seem quite paranoid here- but smiling also makes them warm to you.

Person # 41
1) To trust a stranger I think it would have to be in a place that I feel secure. I would trust a stranger in a moment of need, or when I don't have anyone else to trust.

2) To make a stranger trust me I think I would have to inspire confidence and have a good figure. I couldn't scare anyone and I have to be friendly.

Person #42
When would you trust a stranger?
When I feel that I could trust him/her. He/she "seems to be" (when could you really be sure..!?) honest with you, is kind and caring.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Be honest - or say something that seems to be honest and I reinforce that fact that I am honest - and stay by his side, try to talk about stuff that interests him/her und tell my honest opinion about it.

Person # 43
question one: YES
question two: By loving them and being hospitable.
That's the key to the truth.

person # 44
one: always
two: by being honest

Person # 45
1) do you trust me ?
2)do you trust me ?

Person # 46
one: i think i would trust a stranger, if he would show me,that he trusts me.
two: i would offer him some coffee and biscuits. hope he accepts ;)

Person # 47
Q.1: Most often I give trust to strangers when I am away from home, traveling, usually in a an unfamiliar foreign place. I have traveled a lot in my life and my experiences of entrusting a stranger with my welfare -- physical, psychological or material depending on the situation -- have been, in the vast majority of cases, WONDERFUL AND REWARDING.

Q. 2:I think that TRANSPARENCY is the key to building trust. When I want somebody to trust me, a stranger or a familiar person, I have to make an effort to either explain or demonstrate my motivations for requesting their trust. I have to dispel any lurking suspicions or doubts the person may have about my (ulterior) motives. My experience is that this is only achieved by being very forthright, honest and open -- transparent.

Person # 48
1) I would trust in a stranger when my inituitive feeling is to do so: thereby; i trust in my own intuition in these cases: I believe myself to be a very good judge of character in these matters:

2) I have a warm nature and am very approachable, so i imagine it is not to difficult to have an instant trust towards me: I usually maintain eye contact with people when I speak to them which I also believe to be a good sign of an honest natured person:

Person # 49
*1 I usually trust, unless I have a reason not to.
*2 By explaining and not asking something that is "shady"
By answering all questions and by being honest.

Person # 50
I would trust a stranger, if his eyes can watch my eyes in a steady kind. I found out for me, that the open and righteous people can look into your eyes without fear or uncertainty.
In the inverse way I would make a stranger trust me with a free and considerate view/sight (don't know the right word :))

Person # 51
1. Every day, just not every stranger.
2. Trust can only be given, the stranger will choose.

Person # 52
1) Never
2) I would tell the truth.

Person # 53
I trust strangers with a nice smile and when they helpfull. Call me naive but thats me;)
I hope that sameone trust me when i want to be helpfull and friendly. And i think i am don`t look like a killer;)

Person # 54
I trust a stranger when I feel I can -
second answer: To make a stranger trust me I just am myself. Open and honest.

Person # 55
When would you trust a stranger?
Trust is a very strong expression. I don't think I could trust a stranger immediately. I need to know somebody before I can trust him. But I can beleive things he is saying, when it looks plausible to me what he is saying and if he makes a good impression to me. (sympthic face, perhaps a smile, stuff like that. But there must be the impression, that he/she means is honestly...)

How would you make a stranger trust you?
The answersis similar the the answer before. Look into his eyes, while talkig to him. a slight smile on my face and trying to give him a positive impression. and having an open body language. also listening what he is saying to me and responding properly on that.

Person # 56
When would you trust a stranger?
I trust my feelings and keep my mind wide open....

How would you make a stranger trust you?
I trust my feelings and keep my mind wide open....

Person # 57
When would you trust a stranger?
Assuming that I am meeting this stranger in person I would trust him when the look into each others eyes synchronize our brains.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
In the same way.
I could maybe not know if he or she would really trust me. That depends very much on the situation and the possibilities to be able to proof honesty or authenticity.

Person # 58
1.: It's a matter of seconds and of inspiration, I either trust or I don't!
2.: Since I expect the opposing fella to act similar to myself, I simply try to be myself. The rest: A matter of seconds...

Person # 59
1. Most of the time I would. Especially if they were similar to me I think concerning age, culture, way of talkning. When I didn't have any other choice, in a moment of 'crisis'. When I need something from them.

2. Look into the eyes, be calm and try to tune in to the person.

Person # 60
question ONE:
I would trust a stranger by the way he/she looks around him/her and at me, the way the look at the environment (not for his/her clothing). if the person is too exited or agitated I would at first be scared. if a person is talking too loud or drawing attention, I would be annoyed. but if the person approaches me with softness, maybe asking "sorry, may I", not being too abrupt or imposing his/her presence or even expressing some needs I would give him/her a chance at the beginning. then I would try to listen more that I speak to observe somebody better and at the same time trying to be aware of the feeling this person is giving me: can I trust him/her?

question TWO:
I guess I would have a similar approach to the one I would like to see: I would speak softly at first, not wanting to give the impression that I am wanting to tear the othe person out of his/her thoughts, time, secure environment. then I will give attention, listening more that what I speak, making the other person feel that I am interested but not in a "hard" way, giving the feeling that they are safe and welcome but free to go if they don't feel at ease.

Person # 61
1. After I have got them into bed.
2. By taking off my clothes.

Person # 62
When would I trust a stranger?
I personally would never trust a stranger - it doesn't make sense. Trust is something you build up over time, and by the time you even slightly trust somebody, they are no longer a stranger. I still have friends that I would never trust for anything, yet enjoy being around.

If by trust is meant watching my bag at the beach while i jump in the water for 5 minutes, or that the waiter at the restaurant won't poison my food, I would say even then there is no real answer - it all depends. I would say in most cases I wouldn't trust creepy people who look like they are out to get me as soon as we make eye-contact and talk.

How would I make a stranger trust me?
Making them feel comfortable being around me, smiling and appearing to be highly sociable and extroverted. This is the best way i think to give a strong and fast impression of who you might be in order to make them feel more at ease, even it may prove to be untrue (sure, I'm not always happy). The second important thing in my eyes to establishing trust is to do something meaningful to someone you don't know: it could be saving someone's life on the spot, or something as simple as holding the door for someone, or giving right directions.

Person # 63
When would you trust a stranger?
It's a difficult question. In general, I think, I would trust my instinct and if the stranger seems to be trustable I would do trust him. In addition I think trusting someone has to do something with the behaviour of yourself and the other person, it's depending on the interacting between me and the person e.g. how open are we to each other from the first second on, how nice are we, how well do we behave and so on. Often I had the experience that if you meed a stranger and you connect directly well, the person is trusable. But specially me, I think I trust people too fast...

How would you make a stranger trust you?
I would try to be open, friendly, nice and show the stranger that I trust him/her.

Person #64
i would like answer u but my englich is too bad ... :S

Person # 65
When would you trust a stranger?
its hard to tell. if i have a "good feeling" with him.
i also belive in the good in people so i might trust people to fast but it really depends on my feeling with them.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
also a hard question. i would be honest and tell them that they can believe and trust me. depending on the situation showing them my id or so.

Person # 66
When would you trust a stranger?
I go wiht my gut feeling, which is little influenced my wording. Like in this case.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
People always trust me because I am completly honest

Person # 67
i would listen to the voice inside of me and if that would feel like i can trust him i would do it.
because of my trust in him he would trust me.

people are many times what you think of them and if you dont trust him he would never trust you...
i believe in the good of all of us and only some are the contrary.
thats why i almost always meet soooo many good people .

Person # 68
To me, just one answer for these 2 questions - Feeling. I think something can be seen through the eyes. Of course, it sounds really unreliable, but to me, really no special techique.

Person # 69
when would you trust a stranger?
when I forget that he is one, because it feels like we are already good friends.

how would you make a stranger trust you?
smile friendly and look into his eyes (or in some countries the opposite)

Person # 70
I would trust him/her after a handshake and a look in his/her eyes.
Same way!

Person # 71
I always trust strangers until proven they are untrustworthy. However, I would never put myself in a position where a complete stranger, i.e. someone who has not been introduced to me through a known party, has complete control over my safety. For example, I would never hitchhike because the driver has all the control over the destination and should I wish to leave the car, when the driver does not want me to, then the route out of the situation is very dangerous.

Frankly, I never consider myself to be in a position where I would try to make a stranger trust me. That is their journey.

Person # 72
From a personal standpoint and seeing that it is strangers u think about its about guts decisions derived from easy to tell little signs. I found people become trustworthy if they either are not afraid to expose their vulnerability, instead of ridiciulously pretending to be always winning it for example. Likewise it is alway telling to see how they deal with others doing the same. people who can be observed playing out a power advantage against someone for instance will not have my trust. or always agreeing with you is another one.

Person # 73
1) When would you trust a stranger?
When he or she looks more personable/comfortable to me, then I might have not so much defensiveness...

2) How would you make a stranger trust you?
I will smile and try to make a friendly tone when we talk...

person# 74
When would you trust a stranger?
Hard to say.. It depends on the place, the situation.. What does the stranger want from me? I'm not a very judgemental person, so I know I would at least talk to a stranger in situations where other people I know may not. For me it's an intuitive thing. If a someone seems like a genuinely nice and open person I'm much more likely to trust them than when someone is a bit vague about what he or she wants. I can't remember a situation in which I trusted a person who didn't turn out to be trustworthy, but it's difficult to say when or why I trust them.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
By trying to do the things a named in the last question: being nice and open to come across as a person who genuinely is those things. And I would approach someone that seems like he or she is at least open to talk to a stranger. I think it always helps to tell a stranger something about yourself, it makes you less of a stranger.

Person # 75
When would you trust a stranger?

I trust a stranger by 'reading' their body language and how they are 'relating' to what they are saying. The way they are 'inhabiting' their body and communicating with and through it, tells me a lot about their history and what they are 'using' at that moment. I listen more to the way they are relating to what they are saying because not everyone as the gift of words. I try to stay open and not interpret or preset what I think they are communicating from past encounters. Having said that, this is all intuitive and I use all my senses, smell and hearing are important just as much as the visual information. And the energy that is coming from the use of their body.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
By doing the same that I described above. Words don't do it. Meet them with a clear energy.

Person # 76
When would I trust a stranger. Well I tend to give most people the benefit of the doubt, so I'd trust a stranger when I see a sign of honesty and integrity. And in answer to your second question, well it's really the first in reverse, simply show honesty and integrity....

Person # 77
When would you trust a stranger?
when he or she has an honest smile and a sincere way of behaviour.

How do I make a stranger trust me?
being polite and honest, show him or her that I am concerned by his problems

Person # 78
When would you trust a stranger?
always - in the first place

How would you make a stranger trust you?
by smiling

Person # 79
When would I trust a stranger: depends totally on the context. Where I meet someone, through who, what he/she wants from me.

How would I make a stranger trust me: by being genuinely kind, open and honest.

Person # 80
When would you trust a stranger?
I trust strangers depending on intuition,
when they will look me in the eye and behave familiar
and comfortable around me. Really, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!

How would you make a stranger trust you?
I will perform the same behaviour as what will make me trust someone i have just met. Eye contact, down-to-earth openmindness, laughter are some of the things that usually makes people feel comfortable.

Person # 81
1. when it seems counter-intuitive or makes logical sense
2. put them in a situation where they have less choice

Person # 82
Well,i don t know why but i think that its the similar thing, but depend what he want from me and me from a stranger..

but i can tell u this: the work is the key of your questions. in the work all are stranger and all trust.

Person #83
When would you trust a stranger?
It is always an instinct, when you feel it is ok, most of the time it is.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Just be open and honest.

Person #84
When would you trust a stranger?
when he does not have any advantage in screwing me up.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Showing that i do not have any advantage in screwing him up.

Person #85
1) More often than not.
2) Smile.

Person # 86
1. I don't know, that totally depends on the situation, presence of the stranger etc.
2. I have no idea. That also depends on the situation and what is needed to be trusted.

Person # 87
When would I trust a stranger? - When my instinct tells me it's OK. My instinct is almost always right, and usually knows within a few minutes.

How would I make a stranger trust me? - I wouldn't try to MAKE them. I would simply be honest with them, try to persuade them if necessary, and hope that their instinct would tell them it was OK.

Person # 88
1. When the stranger allows me to look in the eyes and have a common bodylanguage understanding.
2. give the stranger an intimate thing, like a look or a laugh or a touch

Person # 89
when would I trust a stranger?
considering that most parents brainwash their kids into always saying no to strangers and never to trust strangers, the answer seems kind of obvious however there are certain circumstances where one has to trust strangers. I don't personally know every pilot who flies the planes I travel in, or the train drivers who drive the trains, like wise busses and taxi's but they all have something in common and that is, they have sat some kind of exam and have some sort of proof that they are competent in what they do. Police officers also have a badge of some sorts to prove that they are not only who they say they are but that they have the authority of the state to enforce the laws of the land. So I would trust a stranger when they have some sort of badge which says that I can.

How would I make a stranger trust me?
It would depend on what I was trying to get them to do or how I wanted them to react. Backing up claims with evidence is always a good way to go.

person #90
Do u trust my answer since I am stranger?

For the 1st qustion. it depends on the way we meet, and the person, the degree of trust can differ from one person to another but I never trust them 100% to tell them everything specially when I alone, actually sometimes we cannot trust our friends

as per the 2nd .
if I really like the person and want us to become friends or less strangers than I will do it, or else if I will always consider him as a stranger, I really wont care if he trust me or not.

Person # 91
1. The first word from her/him
How or what kind of way to speak to me

2. While I speak, perform, whatever I'm doing, I'm trusting myself principally.

Person # 92
When do I trust a stranger?
I feel what my intuition tells me and then take a plunge.

When would a stranger trust me?
The first three months is like a honey-moon, then trouble starts, usually an explosion. I do not walk away from that, I see the conflict as a startingpoint of real trust and possible friendship. A 'building-block'.

Person # 93

When would you trust a stranger?
Depends on so many things - where?, trust what to that person?, what is the 'risk'? how big is the need? how do you meet?
I have asked strangers to watch my things while I went to the toilet fx at the library or in cafe. But only when I had feeling it was ok.
Someone once trusted me her baby in the dressingroom of a swimmingpool. I found that scary somehow. But I was young and she was quite in a panic having forgotten something.
I guess I can only say - when it 'smells' good.
It helps of course if it is not a total stranger- that it someone that you know via via. On facebook I only make friends with people via via people I know.

How would you make a stranger trust you?
Depends on what I want from the stranger I think And again in what situation and how? But overall -try to be as relaxed as possible. Look straight in the eyes - be straight in presence. Without words try let my body and feelings say - I mean no harm. Be myself, smile and laugh to ease any tension I guess.

PS did you hear about the man who trusted his credit card to a homeless in New York?
He didnt have any change and gave his card instead.The homeless went in the store and bought a sandwich and then brought the card back to the man.
I liked that.

Person # 94
Question 1: We trust strangers each day: Getting on a bus or subway, walking on the street, at a restuarant, or bar. We talk to strangers with small talk and implicitly trust them. I take precautions, but trust strangers depending on a sense you have of them, a feeling, a quick glance, etc. All very subjective stuff based on intuition and some logical assumptions. We often trust strangers more in institutional rather than non-institutional settings.

Question#2: You make a stranger trust you by being friendly, open, by not being too intrusive, intuitive, trying to seeing links between you and the stranger (things you have in common that you focus on). If we fear to much, we will never know the joy of meeting new people. If we have no fear, we are not human (I suppose)...

Person # 95

I would trust a stranger, if I feel I can connect to him. That connection is happening on a pure instinctive , energetic level - just like falling in love - hard to scientifically describe.

How would I make somebody else trust me: same way around - just trying to be myself and gentle and polite to show there's nothing the person has to worry about.

Person # 96

1) it needs just an second to know if you could trust this person, that depends on if he ore she can look in my eyes / face
and have an clear view

2) it is an question of behavior , if you are clear and that depens on, if your body tells the same like your face / your eyes
he ore she will trust me.

Person # 97

When would I trust a stranger.. well often really, hitchhikers I trust to be pretty cool people, But it really all depends on the situation I guess. Strangers in the street asking for money for a place to sleep I don't trust strangers in the street asking money for some dope I believe but still don't trust.

Meeting people who in their acting, appearance, and speaking seem sincere and who know what they are talking about, so when the total package ads up, that works.

How would I make stranger trust me? don't try to is the best way I guess., give straight forward honest answers and tell em things as they are when a question is asked, so they know what kind of person I am. I try not to say the things people would want to hear, but i try to say the things the should want to hear, my honest opinion, no bullshit no lies, no making nice.

Person # 98

Trust comes with time, in giving and taking. So i will never trust a stranger, but that doesn't mean i don't trust him, I'm neutral. When the stranger stops being a stranger i might trust him or not depending on his actions.

Making somebody trust me starts with getting to know that somebody.

Person # 99

i would trust a stranger when i feel that i can. i have done it before. it has only to do with nonverbal cues, body language, and the feeling about a person.

example: leaving my purse with a man i had just met when i went to the bathroom at a night club in brazil. i knew i could trust him and i was right.

also in brazil: going to stay with a stranger at her house because i was on the wrong bus line and far away from my home and it would've been dangerous to go home alone. here i was uncertain but she was clearly worried about me. i said "how do i know i can trust you?" and she said "actually, how do i know i can trust you?" the awareness that she was also taking a risk by bringing me to her house changed my feelings and i decided to go. it was a nice and problem-free solution to a really scary situation. we drank beer and ate chocolate, i met some of her friends and housemates, we went to her mother's house so i could use the phone and get a popsicle. in the morning she walked me back to the bus stop so i could go home.

if i needed to make a stranger trust me i would just look them in the eyes and say "you can trust me". i think you can really see in someone's eyes when they're lying, so if they trust themselves to judge, they will see immediately that i'm not lying. i have less than most people to hide, and when people look at me they see this right away. if it didn't work, i would tell them the reason i want them to trust me, revealing this makes people aware of the real dynamics of the situation and takes away a feeling of ulterior motive i think.

another way to get the job done is to show trust. put yourself in a vulnerable situation and the stranger will see that you are genuine and be more likely to trust you.

i have until now always been right when i trusted someone instinctively. i have often made mistakes because i thought i should be able to trust someone because of their position in society or role in my life, but when i go with my feelings it generally works.

Person # 100

I would trust a stranger when they have a certain open look in their eyes. For me it is all about the way a person looks out of their eyes, is there kindness in their eyes and are they kind?

I would make a stranger trust me by a combination of the way I talk, move and they way I look out of my eyes. Maybe being kind or giving a compliment as an opening line.

It is pretty hard to describe exactly what it is that makes or breaks trust because it is all about a certain feeling you give another person
I think.

Martin Butler