How can a classroom look like a honey comb ?

Explanations about our design of the education facilities in a bio-based engineering faculty building

Everybody knows that bees are really smart and well organized insects. This is why it is really common to use it as an inspiration source in the biomimicry design field, as it is the case for the education facilities of our faculty building.

The Waste/Food group came up with the idea of building class room with recycled cardboard and we kind of liked the idea. But as the material quantities are uncertain for this kind of task, it was important for us to come up with a smart material efficient design. And that's where the honeycomb comes.
By designing cardboard made modular rooms on wheels or rails we believe it is possible to create stimulating and tunable education facilities. Every class room and aula should be made out of those modular rooms which can be connected to each other and move.