4.1. Existing sources available on the island that can be used to make transitions happen;

According to the results of the interviews that have been performed on the Texel Island, it can be concluded that most probably, the tourism industry on Texel Island is in the exploration and involvement state (For explanation see 1.2). According to the data collected from the interviews, local people are very tourist oriented and happy about tourist presence on the island. This is a very great advantage that can be used as a tool to make sustainable transitions possible. Moreover, different initiaives are already present on the island, such as Kaasboerderij WezenspykSlagerij Goenga, etc.

However, the other threat here is the right choice of the companies for the first step of our design proposal. On one hand, it is easier to follow the first pathway described before, because this pathway offers us more opportunities and possibilities to develop the final product. However, on the other hand, companies that already applied some sustainable strategies can have more financial sources and therefore involving them at the beginning might have negative result on companies from the 2nd group of our scheme, because they can lose some of the costumers and opportunity to achieve sustainability goals because of lack of funds. Therefore, our strategy will focus on the companies that want to be sustainable and attract more attention to this desire.

Irina , Yannick

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