3.1. Directions based on the analysis of current sub-system

Based on the research regarding the current sub system, following conclusions can be made:

1.    In order to propose sustainable hosting/tourism system for Texel, it is necessary to keep the environmental and ecological balance in mind. The main obstacle that prevents Texel from being self-sustainable are tourists themselves. Because of the size and small capacity of the Island, tourism sector has impact that is hard to handle relying only on local resources.

2.    Local people of Texel Island are very positive about tourists. This aspect can and should be used in order to make the sustainable transitions on the island happen.

Our aim is to propose a solution where, on one hand, the impact of tourism on economy would be high, but on the other hand, the burden on the ecological level would be minimal. It is not wiseto minimize the number of tourists, but it might be possible to change the way they think about the island.  Therefore a tool is needed to raise the awareness of tourists about what happens on the island and what are the sustainable goals and how they can contribute towards achieving them.

Yannick , Irina

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