Day 5

Expect the unexpected.

So the last day finally sneaked in.

Everyone was on track, ready for its final presentation. At the same time, no much tension in the air: one last hour for improvements, then the final rehearsal.
Everything seemed to workout: we were now ready to present in front of the stakeholders and everyone else.

The final presentation went on smooth, alternating expositions with answers from the jury.
No major problems nor misunderstanding.

The grades were good, which means that everyone did a good job, and the teacher highlighted that.

What struck me the most?

Actually the final remarks opened my eyes about the importance of including art and passion in what we do/project: in the final day, to achieve results, I concentrated on calibrating the calculations and implement what we decided, without much space for YUTPA principles.
Now I realize that, if I had understood them earlier, I could have done a better job. But, it is what it is, and this means that next time I'll consider this aspect from the beginning of the projectation process.
It's hard to tune immediately on new principles, but if they are right, they will take over the current ones of rapidity and production at any cost.

In conclusion, thanks to everyone for the cooperation, thanks to Caroline and Chen and, of course, to Mr Appelman for his patience and ability.