Zainab Bawa

Landscape analysis

Zainab Bawa works as an independent researcher on issues of urbanism, governance and impact of technology on political practices and institutions. She is collaborating with Servelots to assess how communities can participate in creating and using information and communication technologies.

Zainab is also a Research Fellow with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore. Here, she is analyzing why and how the Internet has become a crucial space for enforcing transparency in politics. In the past, Zainab has collaborated with Sarai-CSDS (New Delhi) to study emerging issues in urbanism in India, with Praja Foundation (Mumbai) on developing a handbook for citizens on urban governance in Mumbai and with CASUMM (Bangalore) to study the impact of urban reforms and restructuring on poverty. Zainab is pursuing her Ph.D. from the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS) in Bangalore. Here, she is working on how the creation of property and the spate of land acquisitions in Indian cities is impacting political and economic practices and social networks that existed around land and locality. In the past, Zainab has traveled extensively and has worked collaboratively with researchers in Kashmir and in Bangladesh on issues of space, conflict, violence and their impact on society.

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