Research from the arts

Twelve artists have contributed to this research into witnessed presence. The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture funded these contributions. Each artist was asked to make autonomous work and publish reflections about their work on this site. The research question for the artists was: "What happens when one witnesses another?"

After discussing the project individually with Caroline Nevejan and then over dinner with other artists, each contributor made their own work. Some consulted in between. During and after the work was made, reflections were published on this site. After publication each individual artist had a meta-data session with Caroline Nevejan to discuss and attribute meta-data to each article. These discussions were very fruitful allowing for a meta-data structure to be based on possible emergence of meaning (instead of attributing meta-data for identification).
Next to providing significant contributions to the research, artists reported that being part of the research was also beneficial for their own work. Formulating reflections and publishing these in context of others' contributions, triggered new persepctives on their own work.