7. What Privacy?

Reactions of participants: At the touching moment that their faces are unveiled into the light, and after re-adapting to being exposed to the gaze of others around, participants told us:

'I could hear your voice in my skin. I remembered you remembering. My body is your body.'
Jol in Banff, Canada.

'When I touch my body, I’m together with others, but when I hold off, I am alone.'
Marion in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

'I’m not sure where I am, here or there, inside or outside; or they flew where you are – in what I see or in what I touch.' Jelani in Dunnedin, New Zealand.

'I felt safe inside. I love this power.... No one can see me watching. I can see it all. Like as if I were a walking surveillance monitor... As if I had a secret. Invulnerable.'
Zoya in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

'This veil reminds me that privacy is in the first psychological: privacy means you are allowed to think what you want to think.' Lu in Shanghai, China.

'At first I felt shy because this intimate touching is not an accepted code of behaviour in the public space. But as soon as I got disconnected through the lack of face-to-face contact with the people around me, I just forgot about that - and touching the comfortable woolen textile and warm body I got concentrated on these voices...' Marcus in Banff, Canada

'I base my trust on seeing your eyes – because your eyes are the mirror to your soul.'
Germaine in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

'This touching is for real…. It feels like when I want to express myself in the street and I put a cover over my body – it seems I close myself off from the world around me but then I start dancing...' Benny in Dunedin, New Zealand.