Play dimension in the Biomimicry workshop: part 2

Defining the Design Brief

Defining the non-negotiables terms in our designing process.

Since our assignement was about "play", it's more than obvious that the first and basic non-negotiable feature is safety. Especially when the "play" part concernes children, creating a safe and protected environement is on the top list of our priorities.

In addition, fun is a very important factor. Besides, this is the main goal when designing a playground, offer entertainement, spending time with friends and meet new people. What should be noted in this point is that there is also a physical dimension given in "fun". In other words, what we want to ensure is that children will be entertained not only spiritually but also they will be encouraged to run, exercise etc.

An other very important factor is the distribution split in two parameters: space and energy.
Our concept about this feature is that when the playground is not used due to different reasons(for example the weather in winter), it will have an alternative use and the "play" and fun will be moved in other places. Regarding the energy, the playground will be self sustained and be able to produce the energy needed by the operation of the equipment and the toys. When there is surplus of energy, it will be distributed throughout the city in various ways.

Our design addresses in Europe and has a cyclic use, which means throughout the whole year but in differents ways by seasons. In summer and spring, it will be under its proper and original purpose of design, but when the weather conditions do not permit it, both the space and the equipment will be exploited in a other way.

Areti Bandi , Alessio Contini , Vic Van Peborgh